too much not do that little

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Right now I feel sick. Paul is over, so we got food, and I think I ate 
too much ( > x <"). Let's not do that again.

little bit. I tested my vision myself a few years ago, and I actually 
used said I had 20/15 vision.

* air horns *

Anyway, my vision doesn't really seem to be *worse*, but my eyes have 
been bothering me. Like, my left eye has been feeling like it has more 
or less pressure behind it than my right eye (maybe that's sinuses?) and 
like maybe it's drier or something. I also have an issue where if I 
close my right eye, I can see fine out of my left eye (it's slightly 
more blurry sometimes but whatever) but it's difficult to see for more 
than a few seconds because the blackness on the right side of my field 
of vision ends up overtaking everything and it makes it hard to focus. 
This doesn't happen with my right eye. If I close my left eye, 
everything is fine and clear.

"Well don't close your eye, Jesse." Well, yeah, duh. But I'm wondering 
f maybe that's what's causing me to start to feel unevenness issues.
My eyes are bothering me, and I'm going to go see the doctor. My great 

Like my friend puts it, I get to "see for free." I'd like it to stay 
that way. I turn 20 years old on June 29th, so I think I'm doing pretty 

Also! Sorry for the lack of updates on Gopher. I feel like it gets 
"maybe once a week, maybe nonce a week" deal that I've been doing. I've 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day! See you down the gopher