like watching it completely new for

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Sometimes, even if it's only been a few years, rewatching a movie is 
like watching it completely new for me. Actually, more than just 
Girl Who Leapt Through Time on Bluray. I was just drawn to it and 
back, I couldn't remember anything. Everything was familiar but every 
Spirited Away in SAEC, and it was exactly the same (although slightly 
less so, as I've seen SA two or three times prior). There's just 

Granted, it's nice too to have some movies that I've watched so many 
times that I can nearly recite them while watching them again. Things 
like Over the Garden Wall or the Spongebob Movie (listen, I was like 8 
and I had it on VHS). I still enjoy them every time I watch them; 
although the reason may just very well be that me enjoying them so much 
s what allows me to keep watching them.

LIFE. It's an anime about this dude who becomes a high schooler again 
thanks to some magic reverse aging pill. It's not quite as interesting 
as time travel, just imo, but it's still a great anime. And they're 
finish it off. I also need to finish rewatching Noragami.

//keeps grabbing tic tacs by the handful//
//the box is now empty. heck//

Jesus died for your sins doesn't mean you need to die for that extra 5 
miles an hour on the interstate. The only parallel you need to draw is 
that you also need to rise on Sunday.

chocolate bunny for Easter because neither of them had celebrated Easter 
before. I wish I could bring Tomo another one this year, but alas, he is 
n the Japan land. And Yoshi I just haven't hung out with much this
year (plus he now has a girlfriend, who I love, but who honestly might 
kill me if she thinks I'm interested in her boyfriend).

nternational shipping was cheaper ; v ;. $62 minimum is insane
(although I guess I should have just planned for a smaller present, but 
Steven Universe Artbook, a banana cat plushie, and two bags of goldfish 
(and a bunch of bubble wrap). I hope that when I take it to the USPS 
~10 days. Which means if I send it at the end of this coming week that 
t should get to Tomo right in time for his birthday (April 21st). I may

miss being at home and getting stuff from my mom every year. Oh well. 
All I want for Easter this year is my friend back and for this situation 
that I'm dealing with to be fixed. That means more to me than all the 
chocolate bunnies in the world (or, at least, y'know, a lot of them).

Anyway, that's all that I have to report for now, SDF. Have a good