friend Rob set up TB file

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Sorry about the inactivity. For the last few days I've been helping my 
friend Rob set up a 48TB file server using Debian. It's been kind of a 
also set up plex for streaming.

of Valentine's Day. My dad died on Feb 13th, 2010, so I always have that 
memory in my head right before it, and also I really never have had a 
valentine anyway. The only time I did was last year, and even then my 
boyfriend and I broke up the day afterwards because we wanted to wait 
until we were IRL to *actually* date (as we had been dating online for 
y'know, I'm fine with, but it kind of made the Valentine's card he got 
n the mail later that day bittersweet.

and I used the school's old letterpress to let people come in and print 
out their own valentine's card. And this year I gave out cards to some 
of my friends, went to SAEC, got the server running, and ate both Taco 
Bell and Papa John's (thank you Celina and Rob). It really does end up 
making me feel better about the day (and the previous day), but still, 
t does kind of suck to not actually have a valentine. I did give the
one dude I like currently a card, but I really don't think that'll go 
anywhere. The only other person I like is kind of impossible to date, 
other men to pursue.

the time being, but it's still bad (and rude).

This is really a bit depressing to talk about. Maybe I shouldn't have.

Anyway, Computer Club's movie night is on Friday. I'm looking forward to 
t (and to then spending the weekend alone eheh bc Bars and Rob are
they see enough of me anyway. Doesn't take much to get kind of sick of 

That is all for now. Sleep well, gopher.