Two rooms and mine was one

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/jebug29/log/2018-02/09-1827

So, for my hall my RA decided to have a small competition where the 
Two rooms tied, and mine was one of them, so I'm getting a pizza today! 

nactive on Discord, so I guess for now I'm just waiting for him to get
on his computer -- checked my discord again. iOS is a bitch about 
notifications. Anyway, he said he's not. Cool; I'll eat the whole pizza 
then (# = v = )

My pizza just got delivered. Heeeck yeah B)

*sends passive aggressive text* heh, eheh

Sorry, I get really annoyed and frustrated whenever people don't do what 
they say that they're going to do. I don't like those who don't come 
through *constantly*. I also don't like those who ignore me, Tomonari.

Well, whatever. Today's just gonna be a me-day then. What few hours 
there are left of it anyway.

Kind of sucks.