like buzzard eating carcass off the

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like a buzzard eating a carcass off the side of the road. Yesterday we 
there. I tried making it very clear that I was socially exhausted. 
But instead of people sitting their asses down and listening to the 
and yelling like a bunch of idiots. I was consistently being touched and 

And then today, when I go to have Computer Club, I had to go to the Caf 
beforehand to eat with my friend Tatum since I already told her I would 
earlier this week. And then she comes with me to Computer Club 
(something I wish she wouldn't do because she's not a part of the club 
and just makes starting the thing take longer). She finally leaves, and 
unless we get on his ass about it (which we did and he showed up 10 
minutes before the meeting was supposed to end, not even remember what 
tried to end the meeting, but people kept messing around, so I gave up 
and silently left. I can normally handle it, and think it's fun and 
left alone to recharge. But, nope, already made plans for people to come 
over tomorrow. So *great*. Pardon all my language. Curses, English, 

But, no, yeah. When you're introverted friend looks uncomfortable, stop. 
When your introverted friend wants to go back to his room, let him. When 
you're introverted friend shows that he is clearly pissed off, try *not* 
to do the thing that pisses him off. And OH YEAH, if your friend who is 
LOGGED IN tells you not to clear out his FUCKING recycle bin, don't! 
fucking! do! it!

that I feel and I hate having to deal with those feelings. I am sick and 
tired of being a damn human being with a falling apart body and a 

And oh yeah, Tomo you asshole, text me the fuck back. It's been a good 
two weeks and a day.