but then again get nearly as

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Happy February everyone! I hope this month goes well for all of you out 

ball, but then again I didn't get nearly as much sleep as I needed to 

major (as they got rid of it a few years ago when they released the new 
curriculum called the Compass Curriculum). I've written up the petition 
form and I'm going to hand out more of them to people at Computer Club 
today so that I can get different people going around and collecting 
become a thing. The board of trustee's first meeting is next week, so 
then. It would be very nice to do so.

bloodwork done to make sure that there wasn't something physically wrong 
nfected. Thankfully the dentist she went to gave her antibiotics and
told her to call back on Saturday if it wasn't resolved, but I'm still 
losing any of my teeth is one of my biggest fears. They're necessary 
things, man. I want to keep them.

meh. I'm going to keep trying to be his friend and whatever, but I'm not 
tried that with Tomo and it just caused a lot of stress and hell that I 
like me are ten million miles away? :')

borrow his soldering station, so I guess I won't be needing a new 
actually getting crap done), hopefully more people will donate, and I 
can bring the project all the way to completion.

Holy crap it's dark outside. Also some lady just asked me if I work in 
the computer lab loooool.

That's all for now I guess. TTY later! B)