it really sucks to be Sometimes

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//Sits with a cup of tea at 2am, listening to my Jim Croce record

Man, it really sucks to be alone. Sometimes it's nice, y'know. I have a 
and I really treasure the people that can deal with me (and am surprised 

apology for being angry at him for not messaging me back. I mean, I know 
that a decent amount of my anger was justified, considering he was 
blatantly ignoring me, but I know that he's probably going through a lot 
too, and I hate to contribute to someone's stress. I really just wish he 

been nice. It's just times like this - two in the morning on a Tuesday - 
that I realize that I really do miss him. I mean, hell, I could find 
another guy to crush on, but I can't just find another Tomo. He was my 
friend, my scapegoat, and my person to spend my time with whenever. Now 
this, where the people whom I get closest to simply move on and leave me 
behind. It seems to be the cycle that I've gone through so far. Although 

Computer Club is supposed to meet tonight, and today around 12 I have to 
meet with SBA to ask for funds for a Raspberry Pi 3. Hopefully this goes 
over well and we're able to get one without issue.

Let me go flip the record over...

Until next time