friends until nearly midnight and w

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Hi hi. I meant to make a phlog post yesterday, but I got kidnapped by 
friends until nearly midnight and was exhausted by the time I got back. 
Either way, I'm here now. Woo!

Our first Computer Club meeting (of the semester) is tomorrow. Today we 
throwing our friend Yoshi a little surprise party since his b-day is 
Friday. A shitton of cupcakes, balloons, and rubber ducks are gonna be 
there. Woo!

for the Advancement of Electronic Culture (i.e. anime, video games, and 
memes). It's a nerd club, and I'm vice president loool. I love it; it's 
a nice relief for me once a week. We have a 30 min meeting, 30 min 
club family tree, where Yoshi is my wife, and my father is a toaster 
named B. Toasty (Be Toasty). It's great.

an arduino. I think the school's IT dept is also going to cooperate with 
us on getting a wifi network set up to where we can connect devices that 
aren't compatible with WPA enterprise (basically all legacy devices and 

Anyway, that's all for now. It's time for Tob's show on aNONradio. Bye! 
. < . )/