tethered to my wondering how in

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(tethered to my phone) wondering how in the world I'm going to manage to 
escape. He did help me get my terminal in my room, so it might be rude 
to just up and leave but there's too many people. Plus, y'know, it's 

Reminds me of Rayman Arena but with different graphics.

[crappy] restaurant) for the first time in what seems like forever 
lately and hasn't even messaged me back in a week. That's honestly 
making the sadness worse. I feel ignored.

Class is going well though. I didn't feel dead. Instead, I actually felt 
nice. Hopefully the load I have this semester is extremely minimal 
compared to last semester.

Somebody just put gum in their mouth. Fuck.

f they're not typical ASMR things). Tob's aNONradio show did and even
Computer Science class did. Thankfully the dude that smacks isn't in 
there, so I'm good.

Would you chew with your fucking mouth closed?

much else to do other than write this . < . Other than formulate my 
escape plan. Probably with a clever lie. I hate to do that though.

looks.... interesting. I really want to go for it.

Time to leave now. Goodnight SDF " o " )/