yourself Jesse The people that did

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/jebug29/log/2018-01/14-0730

Started crying earlier because I was thinking about Tomo too much. Pull 
yourself together, Jesse ( ^ `)

laptops. The people that did it back in December are out of jail now 
because they need the jail space for "violent crimes" T A T. Send the
broke into five fcking houses the same night, and they'll probably do 
t again since it's obvious they can get away with it.

Apparently the school has decided to have class on MLK Day, which sucks 
but y'know I only have one class and it's Computer Science II so no big 
and smacked as loud as he possibly could isn't there, I'll be fine. 
Hopefully. There's only 8 people registed for the class, so maybe he's 
not gonna be there.

This was kind of a depressing post. Sorry about that . < .")
Also updated my ADM-5 page again. Just a clarification in the background 
and also added that I need about $400 for the project.

Also there's this free host called heliohost that offers a shitton to 
users for absolutely nothing. They're currently trying to get another 
f you're able to donate even $5, it would help. The link to their
GoFundMe page is http://bit.ly/2DdARxl. (I'd also appreciate it if you 
could donate to me for my terminal project eheheh, but honestly the 
Heliohost thing is for a good cause.)