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Sun Apr  4 00:19:59 UTC 2021

Another  Sunday  like last time I updated this little spot on the
not‐Web. The world continues to go crazier every day. Rather than
continue  to  beat  my head against the walls of a million walled
gardens, I’m joining the new Internet with blackjack and hookers.
We’ll  see what comes of it. But anything is better than the sta‐
tus quo, and out of all the attempted solutions  I’ve  seen  over
the last few decades, this one seems like it has a reasonable ap‐
proach to every potential problem. Not a complete solution, but a
reasonable one. And more important, workable.

Out  of  all  the things besides my lack of children that make me
wish I was twenty years younger, this is the biggest. Next  step:
Stable hosting and reconnection to my legacy Gopher and WWW.