parallel Just seen documentary about

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_____20180101: parallel

Just seen a documentary about parallel universes.

At one point one of the presenters said that he could create a parallel universe 
by choosing pencakes over eggs for breakfast and vice versa.

On one day, I'd love to have the courage to histerically yell at a random guy on 
the street that "you chose the fucking pencakes and I stuck in this universe, 
you moron".


_____20180102: burnout

Or maybe I'll just slowly and silently burn out.


_____20180103: geography

You can acually measure how cool websites/web services are by imagining how 
their names would sound if they were countries.


Gopherland: damn fine.
Mastodonia: fucking awesome.
Twitteria: na-ah.
Facebookland: absolutely no fucking way.

Just imagine.


_____20180104: healthcare

State healthcare is a perfect system. If you are healthy, of course.

Here's a bit of an advice for y'all: don't get sick. It's as simple as that.


_____20180105: burn

Yesterday's news today: this post was brought to you by

$ ssh gunnarfrost@sdf.org

Could've been worse. It could've said something like


_____20180106: literature

The "writing" part is the hard one. The "book" part is easy: whenever I visit a 
book in my bag.

On one hand I hate those guys whose books I buy. Lucky bastards, have the time, 
the motivation and the patience to actually write a book.

On the other hand, send help, books are blocking the front door. Tell the help 
not to hurry though: I still haven't read at least ten of them.


_____20180107: giveaway

Dear Diary. Yesterday I got my first ever Mastodon response. It was about me 


_____20180108: laws

First law of the universe: 
there's no toilet nearby when you'd really need one. 

Amendment to the first law: 
f there is one, it is always occupied.

Second law of the universe: 
there is no remote place nearby when you'd really need one because of Law #1. 

Amendment to the second law: 
f there is one, there is always a policeman standing right front of it.

Third law of the universe: 
no matter that you think you can't hold it until you get home because Laws #1 
and #2, you can.

Amendment to the third law:
you'll always be unable to find your keys for the first try, even if they are in 
the pocket you just searched.


_____20180109: blank

their typewriters.

Those times are gone.

Now we are scared of blinking cursors at the top of the blank page. So we start 
typing meaningless crap just to erase that emptyness, thinking "I just need to 

Today I am stuck at the "meaningless crap" part.


_____20180110: countryside

Moving away from the city to the countryside (well, countryside by city 

My social anxiety disorder (SAD; how accurate) seems to be fading slowly. 

solate me from the society a bit more than necessary, however I feel that end
of the social spectrum much healthier.


_____20180111: bench

Today it was rather foggy. 

Reflecting to yesterday's entry, this is another thing I really love in remote 
living. Heading home from work I had a half an hour rest on a bench, doing 
nothing, just watching how the fog floats amongst the trees.

My mind was empty and clean. It felt good.


_____20180112: spirit

Hard day today. And a long one.


A bird cries somewhere in the woods. It's dark and it sounds like if some weird 


_____20180113: acceptance

Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, there is always a dumbass who tells you 

That's just the nature of the things. Don't fight it. Accept it.

And learn how to ignore it.


_____20180114: open

Frozen drops of water falling from the roof of the porch. Snow, sparkling and 
clean and the whitest white. The sound of branches breaking and falling heavily.

Not a single footstep, not a single word.

And you just stand there with a mug of coffee so hot it almost burns your hand. 
You open your eyes and ears to the beauty of this Sunday morning.


_____20180115: inmates

On its way to the town, the bus passes by a penitentiary. Today in the morning I 

The ex-prisoners seemed tired, frustrated, frightened and cold.

breath was swirling all around their heads, like a cloud right before the storm. 

the warm of the building, or swearing an oath to never return, I couldn't tell. 


_____20180116: desire

Everyone who has seen this planet from space realized that the existence of life 
s miracolous. They realized how fragile the balance that keeps life in
existence is. They realized that we are rare and unique.

We, all the others clearly lack that perspective. We are unaware what we are, 

This is not some esoteric bullshit. Everything we consider to be precious either 

Consider this next time when you desperately desire something merely material.


_____20180117: itsyer

"Knock knock" 
"Who's there?" 
"Itsyer who?"
"It's yer total incapability to produce meaningful texts today."


_____20180118: sunrise

me for twenty minutes, painting the horizon with its firey, orange glow, 
beautiful and scary at the same time.

And then, in a blink of an eye, there it was, burning a blue ghost of its image 
nto my retina, so I could carry the sight for a little longer even after the
moment was gone.


_____20180119: solutions

You know what distinguishes us, humans from (other) animals?

No, it's not language. Sit down, smarty.


overthink our problems and invent complex solutions to solve them. Meanwhile, we 
create even more complicated problems.

Right now we have problems so complicated that even our most complex solutions 
are useless. And, thanks to us being so damn smart, we started to lose our 
abilities. We can't walk long distances any more. We forgot how to write with a 

Our planet is almost literally boiling around us, thanks to our superior 
unable to survive any more if our overcomplicated solutions would be taken away.

This is not some Greenpeace crap. This is reality. This is what we became 
because of what distinguishes us from (other) animals: the ability to overthink 
and overcomplicate things.


_____20180120: midnight

What was that? Noises from the porch!

Burglary. Aliens! They are here to abduct me. Weird surgical tools, painful 

Where's my flashlight? Grab that hammer! Stay strong, fight for the last breath!

A pair of shining eyes in the dark. The beam of the flashlight swipes across the 

Be gone, squirrel! Let me sleep.


_____20180121: path

Today is Sunday. At night, a lot of snow has fallen. Today is about shoveling, 
trying to cut a path towards civilization (meanwhile the truth is I don't really 

Tomorrow is Monday. Another day in a cubicle. Tomorrow is about nothing, but 
things I don't actually want to do.


_____20180122: black

No, I'm not talking about fucking hipster latte. I am talking about real coffee, 

Real coffee is made with care. It is important how you store the beans after 
you've opened the package. You shouldn't let it go dry. Going wet isn't good 

Your coffee maker is essential. It's like his brush was for Renoir. It's like 
coffee maker.

After making sure you have the right raw material and toolset, the artistic 
careful, it is only a matter of seconds.

And of course real people serve their real coffees black. Sugar is for kids. 
Milk is for babies.

Real coffee is pure and black. 


_____20180123: belongings

Our society underrates simple living.

We always want one more gadget, although we already own more than we need. We 
always want one more room, even though we already have more than we occupy. We 
always want one more piece of clothes, no matter we already own more than we 

We exactly need two plates, one mug and a glass per person, yet we keep buying 

We buy stuff just for the momentary joy. We are over-consumers.

Have a sheet of paper and a pencil. Make an inventory of your belongings. Now, 
circle everything that you'd take to the shelter in case of a nuclear war or 

Those are the ones you need. All the others are most likely just for making you 
feel better. And while they make you feel better for some time, they actually 
make you never think about the circled things: the ones you really need. 


_____20180124: bored

experience the satisfaction when looking on the fruits of your works.


_____20180125: audible

employees must start every teleconference with "Can you hear me?", or a variant 
alike ("Am I audible?"), shortly followed by "Can you see my screen?".


_____20180126: turd

You know who's worse than Charles Manson? I'll tell you.

Adolf Hitler.

And do you know who is worse than Adolf Hitler? I'll tell you.

Basically you can be worse than that only if you walk your dog in public places 
AND you don't collect your dog's turd AND you are Adolf Hitler.


_____20180127: melt

The snow started to melt today. What a pity! I really liked the thick white 
carpet outside.

Whenever I looked out of the window or took a walk, it helped me to ease my 


_____20180128: pizza

Especially the forgetting part.

the city or starving to death.


_____20180129: traces

Another season is coming slowly. Time for "rebirth", for "something new", for 
"nature's revival".

For me, it is not a beginning, nor it is the end. It is just spring, which (for 
me) is less pleasant than winter's peaceful stillness and permanence. 


_____20180130: teams

Dear Diary. Today I was asked whether I am on Team Edison or Team Tesla.

First, some people have just way too much time. They invent nonsense things, 
their invented, miserable little world. Also probably they pathetically try to 
these dumb questions.

Second, since when do thieves have a team?


_____20180131: composite

"At 34,000 feet, the temperature outside is usually between minus 50 and 60 
carefully crafted composite material stand between You, Valued Passenger and a 
modern engineering, making it possible to travel and survive in conditions not 
the scientists and explorers and engineers and geniuses who made that possible. 
Even on economy class, you fucking prick."