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Title: Workaholic, Distraction-free
Date: 2019-12-15
Listening to: "Press Start Together"
              by DAGames[0]


  I hate to admit it, but I'm a bit of
a workaholic. I enjoy working more than
I do relaxing or sitting idle. My head
tends to go into bad places these days
when I'm bored. To the point that it's
not really healthy for me to be bored.

  It's also not healthy for me to deal
with constant interruptions. Even in
using ratpoison as my DE, it's 
difficult when family try to get hold
of me in chat, only to come check on me
when I don't reply to them. Usually
because I don't see the message since
I don't have notifications set up in

  As such, I've been eying my RPi0W,
the former server turned nothing since
I went back to Linode (thanks to my ISP
bitching about me hosting a gopher
server). I already have an Alphasmart
3000 for "distraction free writing",
but it doesn't help me nearly as much
as having an actual word processor app
to use for text styling and spellcheck.
Having those really helps me.

  I also have a small 720p TV with a
built-in USB port and HDMI. So, I've
been thinking about turning my RPi0W
into a dedicated work machine for my
writing. I already use wordgrinder for
my word processor, and I don't really
need a full X server to do that work.
Having nothing but a CLI/TUI would be
perfect for keeping myself from getting
distracted, and it'd be easier on the
eyes for long writing sessions as well.

I also have my 2009 MacBook, and a Dell
Inspiron E1505, each of which would be
good for lying back in bed to work as
well. Especially the Dell laptop, which
has a great keyboard for its size, and
I could easily drop some form of Linux
onto it.

  I already have Xubuntu on my Acer
Aspire E5-575, but the keyboard isn't 
all that comfortable while in my lap. 
It also has *very* awkward arrow keys
that have full-sized left/right keys,
and half-height up/down keys right in
the middle of them. Not a happy way to
scroll through a document, but still

At least I have some options, I guess.


[0]: https://youtu.be/xlTuVsP1kN0