Busy Oct Written Dell XPS

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Title: Busy
Date: Oct 6, 2019
Written On: Dell XPS 410
Mood: Tired
Listening To: Epic music from JennyMusic on YouTube


  There's been a lot happening as of late. For starters, I'm getting used to
running Linux again. In specific, Fedora 30, which is running on both my Dell
XPS 410, and my Acer Aspire 5-series laptop. I'm running GNOME Shell, which is
surprisingly nimble and nice to use. Almost MacOS-like to a degree.

  It's taken quite a bit to change my workflow over, but I'll go into that in
another phlog post.

  I've also had to say goodbye to my iPhone 4S. As much as I've enjoyed using
it, the apps I /actually use it for/ are going to be unsupported soon, so I
kinda have to upgrade anyway. But, not having a lot of money, I went to get an
"AT&T Prepaid" device, since you used to be able to transfer them to an AT&T
Wireless plan. Not anymore, though. $45 wasted.

  Ended up with a gift from my uncle, and he paid for a Galaxy Note 1 off eBay.
Surprisingly, the apps I need will be supported on it still, even if it's not
supported by OS updates. Having the larger screen is gonna take some getting
used to, though. I like smaller phones.

  (I still miss being able to use my LG Fx0 with FirefoxOS, though. Damn you,

  I /am/ keeping the Acatel IdealXTRA that I got, though. It'll make a great
little wi-fi only media player, and occasional web browser when the skit hits
the fan. And also a nice tool to use for viewing Python, PHP, bash, and LaTeX
references. I mean, it's a really /nice/ little device that runs Android Oreo,
and that's coming from a fan of iOS.

  Oh! Uh, yeah... I decided to finally pick up Python(3) after a rather...
unfortunate first attempt long ago. Younger me getting an "RTFM" reply from the
IRC when my question wasn't covered in the docs kinda left a bad taste in my
mouth. Even more so when there were so many really horribly-written books on
the subject for beginners, and I really didn't know where to turn. That kinda
spoiled the mood to learn the language, so I put it away for a /long/ time.

  And I could go on, but those are the major things that aren't of a private
nature. Given it's 00:32 at the time I've gotten to this point, I think I'm
just going to grab my laptop or the media device, curl up in bed, and watch
Druaga1 or something until I pass out.