Being away from social media

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Being away from social media has definitely helped my mental health a bit, but
I'll be honest, the next thing that might need to go is some of the group chats
that I'm part of. So many people tend to drag discussions into extremely
negative directions, and many of them turn into divisive political discussions
out of nowhere, even when the original topic wasn't about politics. So I think,
for my own sake, I really need to cut down on popping into those chats.


My Mac Pro is nice, but I've discovered that it likes to put out a *lot* of
heat while SeaMonkey is open. It didn't do that when I /compiled/ the browser,
or when I compiled /anything/ else for that matter. Even running iTunes does
nothing to the heat output, But browsing? It's like a small oven when I have
something like YouTube open. I can't use Peertube (not compatible with older
browsers, like nearly everything modern on the web), so I can't do a comparison
for that until I get a Linux install on here. New drive caddies are coming,
though I could only secure two for now.

Something tells me that web browsing is even more intense these days than
anything I would do on this machine. And that scares me.


In other news, I have "Learn C on the Mac", "Learc Objective-C on the Mac", and
"Learn Cocoa on the Mac" so I can finally start learning to make some
applications of my own. Main thing I want to do is make a text adventure engine
of my own for a few projects. Projects that would be a bit too complex to
implement in Inform7[0] within reason, and that I wouldn't want to restrict
with the Quest[1] engine.

I also wanna take XimpleMOD[2] and turn it into a native 64-bit Cocoa app on
Intel, instead of the PPC version that I use through Rosetta right now. It's a
great MOD Tracker player, just... outdated.

It'll make a great little project to toy with, at least.


[0]: http://inform7.com/
[1]: http://textadventures.co.uk/quest
[2]: http://ximplemod.sourceforge.net/