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I'll never understand the current obsession over emoji. Recently, I got berated
for using an emoticon (specifically, "XD") over the emoji version. Why? Because
it's considered "socially unacceptable" to that person. I...really couldn't
give a damn what some tiny scrub thinks of my use of a text-based face, but it
really makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with some people.


I was looking over some posts (past and present) in gopherspace, and came
across one from hexdsl about their preference of IRC over Discord[1]. I have
*never* enjoyed using Discord. But I know many people who prefer it over IRC
because... Well, it has a proper mainstream User eXperience build. It's not as
complicated as IRC, and lets you look at message history instead of coming into
a conversation blind. It also has voice and video chat built into it.

That said, I will never enjoy using it. It weighs down my system, causes frame
loss in even light games (I dropped to 24 fps in /Starfleet Command III/), and
overall has little use to me other than being a distraction. It took a
shitstorm to get basic /presence/ added--you were *always* online before then--
and basic accessibility for the visually impared is pretty much another fight
people keep losing with them.

Likewise with Slack, which will have my eternal ire as well. I'd rather not go
into that one, though. I rant far too much as it is.


[1]: gopher://gopher.xpenguin.club/0/blogs/08042019_01.txt