apparently giving up on My money

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Wow... So, Mozilla's apparently giving up on IRC[1]. My money is on them trying
to move to Discord, and giving FOSS and the community the middle finger, since
that's what Chris Beard's rule seems to do at every turn.

What I find worst of all is the list of what they're looking for. Specifically,
"We are evaluating products, not protocols." Yes, because so many have lasted 
for long periods of time without an untimely and sudden death due to stupid 
management. GTalk, Google Hangouts (Business only now), Skype (around, but 

Seriously, I don't know what's going through their heads right now, but I'm
mentality that it hurts, and I've been a Mozilla user since the early days with
the suite. It's why I use /SeaMonkey/ as my main browser, since I love the 
all-in-one nature of it. It's why've backed Mozilla for so long, only to really

Unless they're moving to Matrix or Zulip, they're gonna be looking at
completely closed-source alternatives, and Discord is the only one that would
even moderately work at their level. I mean, their Rust team already uses it.

(Disclaimer: I've never met Chris Beard, but after losing my beloved FirefoxOS,
"rebranding", watched as everything that made Mozilla awesome was turned
corporate, and now this? I'm convinced he's either a Google plant to ruin the
foundation, or just doesn't get what made Mozilla such an awesome team outside
of MoCo. Yes, I'm still bitter about what the LGBTQA+ community did to Brendan
Eich, and I'm trans*. But I'm more bitter about losing FirefoxOS, and all the 

Yeah, I'm being harsh on them, but given their track record for the last few
years, I don't think it's without merit. I mean, the Mr. Robot incident was a
/really/ good indication of that[3]. To give up on an internet standard instead
of improving it is sad to see. Especially with the likes of XMPP still being

And to give up the reins of keeping the service in-house gives me pause, since
there's no guarantee that whatever service they choose will honor any sort of
bought out, only companies and services, and Mozilla's walking straight into 
that very trap.

(Aside: I actually use a heavily reduced version of Discord through an IRC
advanced features, but given that the best alternative client is pretty much a
"use at your own risk" according to Discord's devs, I don't think they'll be
coming any time soon. It took *years* for basic presence indications to show


GMail to be doing the same[4]. Granted, GMail is less /email/ and more /"we're
until we have enough of a base to make our own proprietary thing."/

now, I can't get time to set up my own in-house mail server to keep running, so


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