because run MacOS on My first

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/gallowsgryph/phlog/2018-10-28


because I run MacOS on Macs, I'm "obviously" anti-FOSS.

Umm... What?

My first instinct was to tell them they were full of dung.
But I went with a second option: ask them why using what I
like mattered to them in the long run. I don't affect them
by running MacOS, so why should they even point this out?

Their reason was that my using MacOS "lessens [my] rights,
and therefore hurts the community as a whole."

At *that* point, I told them they were full of dung, and

Seriously... What is it with software
evangelists thinking it's any of their business what I run
on my personal machines? Why do they think they have any
n the slightest?

the general Linux community and got myself banned from the
Ubuntu IRC for a while.


a copy of "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing", but it's been far
more difficult than I thought it might be. With my usual
methods, I'm measuring about 40-50 WPM, but with the
typical touch typing methods, I only get about 12 WPM with
any accuracy at all.

keyboard while I'm typing, which will make things a lot
easier to work at night, since I don't have a usable
back-lit keyboard to type with. And since I mostly work at
night, I kinda need that ability to actually get things

topcase won't be easy. Not unless I forego some other
things for a little while.