is being not what was expecting

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So, Goolge+ is being sunset[1], huh? That’s not what I was
expecting to read today, but...wow. I’m at a loss for that
one. Part of me wants to say “good riddance”, but another

Only time will tell if they manage to do anything with the
flop plan like all the others.

[1]: https://www.blog.google/technology/safety-security/project-strobe/


the web. The one that’s been sitting rancid on an HDD 
behind my iMac for the last six months.


textfiles.com[3] as of late. Reading through old documents
and listening to radio dramas has been quite fun. Dragent
episodes have been exceptionally fun to listen to, adverts
aside of course. Makes me wonder if Archive.org could keep
backups of gopherspace as well...

[2]: https://archive.org
[3]: http://textfiles.com/