sitting here at the installing iWor

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So, I’m sitting here at the moment, installing iWork ’09
on my new-used 2009 Macbook (A1181), and I’m thinking
about all of the things I’ve been missing from the old

the web. These days, websites are so bloated that they
could double as stress tests in some cases, and are so
unoptimized that modded Minecraft looks amazingly sane. I
anymore. And that’s sad.


Speaking of the MacBook, this thing looks practically
brand new. The seller said the battery was bad, but it

or waiting to be installed, too.

- SeaMonkey (Love this browser. <3)
- iWork ’09
- iLife ’09
- XCode
- MS Office 2008
- Adium
- MilkyTracker
- XimpleMOD
- BBEdit
- Scrivener
- iGetter
- Inform7
- Lynxlet
- Alfred
- Growl
- TextExpander
- JumpCut
- Telegram
- Circus Ponies Notebook

And a few games as well in the form of Diablo 2, Age of 
Empires 2 Gold, Duke Nukem 3D, ZDoom, and ECWolf. Those’ll
be nice to unwind with when I need to.