While cleaning up a crashed

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/fallingknife/phlog/20190325-rules.txt

While cleaning up a crashed hard drive, I came across Dad's Rules for Summer Vacation, 2014, and thought you might enjoy them (maybe some of you could even re-purpose them).
I've been a work@home dad for many years, and so the responsibility of shepherding three kids through summer vacation has logically fallen to me. 
I remembered the raucious Summer of 2013, where I was reminded every ten minutes by the kids about how bored they were. Yet they slept half the day, texting and snaping other bored friends during their waking hours. 

I resolved 2014 was going to be different!  I felt we needed some rules around here!
Needless to say, 2014 was pretty much like 2013 anyway.

Dad's Rules for Summer Vacation, 2014.

Dad is not obligated to wake you up in the morning.

Dad is not obligated to wait.

If Dad goes out to lunch but you are still in pajamas, it os not Dad’s fault that you missed out on lunch.

If Dad decides to go to the store but you are still in pajamas then you miss out on a trip to the store. 

If you want to go somewhere, then work it out with Dad in advance. Dad is not obligated to drop everything and rush you out to Walmart or to the mall, just because you want to go right now.

Dad does not have to make separate lunches for each child. If a child does not like the food, they can make their own.

Do not complain about the food Dad makes.

If you are bored, pick up after yourself. Clean your room.

Put away your own dishes into the dishwasher.

Load or unload the dishwasher.

Bring your clothes to the laundry room, or you may find you do not have any clothes to wear. Again, not Dad’s fault.

Dad is not responsible if you are bored.  You have computers, ipads, Xboxes, cable TV, and movies on demand, bikes, a dog, pet chickens, paddle boat, canoe, swimming beach, fishing off the dock, games, puzzles, books and magazines you can read.  If you are bored, it is your fault, not Dad’s.

If the children fight or are very rude, then all children may lose access to the internet. So get along!

You are not allowed to stay up past midnight. Suggested bed time is 10 pm. 11 is tolerable. Noise past midnight is not allowed.

Your expected awakening time in the summer is NO LATER than 10:00 am.  8 am is suggested since the morning is the best time of the day.

If there is “nothing to eat in his house,” or if you are upset that your favorite food is not in the house, then make a list. No guarantees, but if you don’t tell Dad what you like to eat, then he will buy his favorite foods instead of yours.

Sammy is your dog, too. If he gets in the garbage, clean it up.  If needs to poop, take him for a walk.  Do your part.

This is your house, too. If you see a mess, even if you did not create it yourself, then act like you live here and help clean it up.

Do not leave your toys, devices, food or mess in the common areas.

You may not watch more than 90 minutes of TV per day.

If you need more TV time, then walk the dog. 30 minutes of dog walking = 1 additional hour of TV time.

If you take food out of the fridge, then put it back when you are done. Do not waste food.