Today I created a simple

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/fallingknife/phlog/20190222-gophermaps.txt

Today I created a simple gophermap file.
I thought it would be straightforward, 
and maybe it is for most people, 
but it took me a few tries.

For example, the sample gophermap file 
I was copying it said !title is 
a menu title to use on the first line.
So in my first attempt, I typed !titleSomeText.
Trial and error, hopping back and forth 
between Link browser and my gopherhole 
finally teased out the truth.

I still have a way to go in exploring 
and understanding the idosyncracies 
and promises of this strange world.

Back in the day, I went from CP/M and 
fidonet bulletin board services 
directly to the early www.  

Technologically I skipped //gopher. 
This is me retracing my steps 
to see what I missed.