works have script but kind of

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First phlog post in a while. I'm trying to remember how this thing
works again. I have a script but I kind of forgot how it works.
Anyway... I've started down the road of going car free. I moved in
to the city (well, technically just outside of it) and I no longer
have to drive to get to work. This kicked off my thinking how I
could remove the car from other trips. It's gotten pretty easy.
Weather appropriate gear is the only one that I have to still figure
out. Mainly, it's just expensive. It's a big up front
expense/investment but it'll be cheaper in the long run and also
more environmentally friendly.
This also got me thinking about how I can be more environmentally
minded in general. Trying to reduce my consumption of all things and
reuse, repair, etc. when I can. So far it's going well.