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Let's talk about timezones for a minute.  This isn't a rant so much a
stream of consciousness rambling about thoughts on the topic.  Mainly
because it's more than halfway through the day and I've had any better
ideas about what to write.
If you are a regular in #sdf on IRC you've probably chatted with me
at some point; I try to be fairly active there.  You may also have
seen my comments recently about being in Germany the last two weeks
on vacation.  What a beautiful country Germany is.  Having taken two
years of German in school I am no were near fluent in the language
but over the years enough has stuck with me to pick up conversational
fragments as well as enough of an understanding of the language
symantics that I was able to piece together enough to get me out of
a jam.  Phrases like "Zum berliner Hauptbahnhof" for Taxi drivers.  Or
"Ich spreche kein Deutsch.  Sprechen sie Englisch?" was suffiently
polite for people to generally try and assist me with the best English
they could, even if they didn't speak it very well.  But the one thing
I was the least prepared for was the time change and the affect it
would have on me.
I've flown all over the US and Canada for work and pleasure, but the
largest time difference I've ever had to deal with is a mear 4 hours
when I am out on the Pacific coast, and that is typically ok because
when I'm out there I tend to stay out late anyway so I never really
adjust completely to the time.  While in Germany though, UTC+1, things
were much more difficult.  I do not sleep on planes, I just can't get
comfortable.  Sure, maybe if I was in one of those nice sleeper seats
in first class, but not in coach, even with Delta's "comfort plus".
No way.  So, on the first day in Frankfurt I'm up for nearly 48 hours
straight and finally collapse in my hotel room at 1900hrs.  I then
wake up at 0700hrs for the hotel breakfast.  By about day 3 I'm pretty
well adjusted.  I'm still getting tired around 2000hrs but some nights
I'm able to stick around until 2100hrs.  Getting up at 0700hrs turns
out to be about right.  But I had no idea how much this was going to
be a problem when I got back State-side.
I'm now three days in to my return to my "native" timezone and I'm
struggling more than I could have ever imagined.  Thank goodness I
flew back on Friday and not Sunday.  I have thoroughly needed these
last two days to get my sleep schedule turned back around.  I've been
hard pressed to make it much past 2100hrs before passing out (that's
0300hrs in UTC+1!) and waking up at 0300hrs (a more reasonable 0900hrs
in UTC+1).  It's the waking up part that's got me the most messed up
really.  This morning I was able to force myself back to sleep until
about 0500hrs. If I can do this again tomorrow I think I'll be in
good shape.  I had planned on using this shift in circadian rhythm to
shift my work schedule from 1000-1900hrs to something more family
friendly like 0700-1500hrs.  Waking up at 0500hrs is just about right
for that kind of schedule.
So, there's my brain dump on timezones.  Probably not that interesting
but it got me a post for today :)