some more on my favorite It

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 This will be a quick entry since  there is much work to do. First
off, some more on my favorite subject: formatting. It appears that
long phosts using gophermaps look fine in lynx, but gopher(1) will
jump to  the links and there's  no way to display  the text above.
I'm considering either offering a  text version of the document as
[0] or  to intersperse the  links after the  referenced paragraph.
I'm  leaning towards  the latter  to save  on duplication  of data
until I encounter the next hurdle.
 And a quick note on connoisseurship: back in college, my intro to
viticulture and enology professor,  Douglas Adams (not that one...
Dr. Douglas  Adams [1]), set  perspective on  wine that I  took to
heart. If you like  it, then drink it! Such a  fresh breath of air
in a typically pretentious field.

[1] http://wineserver.ucdavis.edu/people/emeriti/doa.html