So ve been depressed for the

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Saturday, 2 December, 2017

So I've been depressed for the last couple of months and that's all
tangled up with my break-up, which made things a lot harder.

The other person who understands is Daphne. With the depression, at
least. She seems to know exactly what it's like, even though it
both still live at home), she's sort of picked up on how I feel.

Not so much on the relationship front, though, but I can't blame

Have I had a serious relationship? I thought I did with Kevin, but

He said that I wasn't myself anymore.

Who else would I be apart from myself?

that doesn't mean I wasn't me.

Do I have to be a certain way for someone to love me?

He used to. I thought he understood at first, too.

Do I have to be not depressed for someone to love me?

true, I felt quite alone already. My friends don't talk to me as
much, but I was really terrible about getting back to them too, so