while about standing up pubnix serv

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/cmccabe/frisbee.server

A while back, I wrote[1] about standing up a micro-pubnix server that I called
s learning through collaborative development of text-based programs.  The
friSBEe, a platform that you can interact with purely by sending in commands
over email.


The SBE in friSBEe stands for Service By Email, and that pretty much sums it
up.  friSBEe is a Python script that parses incoming emails and responds in
of the email body.  It doesn't require any administrative privileges to run,
and only requires (for now) that you set it as executable in a normal user
account on a server running Postfix.  It leverages a nifty little trick in
addition to) your inbox.

Why would anyone want this?  Well, I don't have a good answer for that.  I
triggered by incoming email; and then I added more and more features.  This was
one of those projects that sort of got out of hand.

And so I added features and features and features until friSBEe became a little
blog posts, read blog posts by others, read or post to a message board, send
and receive private messages with other users, follow a choose-your-own
adventure story, and use various other tools and commands.  All from the safety
and comfort of your own email account, wherever that may be hosted.

But all this happens via a centralized model, where friSBEe is installed on one
central system.  The next step is to refactor friSBEe to support a more
own friSBEe server, and structured interactions between users are supported by
modules enabled on their hosts.  

One of the original development goals of friSBEe (once the "can I do it?" phase
s easily extended by use of plug-in modules.  Current example modules include
the choose-your-own adventure story mentioned above and a order-by-email ascii

user a few weeks ago.  Otherwise, I haven't had the spare time I was hoping to

A more general update on rawtext.club, a sort of follow-up to post [1], is that
activity has gradually picked up and the system has been a lot of fun.  We
migrated from Debian to Arch a few months back, and are running a number of
users have built.  Some were built directly on RTC, while others were built
elsewhere and installed or ported to RTC.  These include games, text editors,
an asynchronous chat application, a shell blogging (shlogging) convention, a
tinkering with code and learning about Linux interests you.

That's enough of an update for now.  I hope everyone out there in gopherland is
nject bleach and don't put lysol in your inhalers.


[1] gopher://sdf.org/0/users/cmccabe/micro.pubnix.experiment
[2] https://rawtext.club/~frisbee
[3] https://git.rawtext.club/cmccabe/frisbee