Weird m hanging with my

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/christyotwisty/phlog/dregs/DR180310.txt

Weird dream:

I'm hanging with my doctor. His name comes up a few times in the dream so his alias is Ken 
Dodson. He's driving us around in North Vancouver. I work in some office that has fashion 
magazines on display but no lobby so I think it's publishing. I ask him to drop me off at that 
office, we both go in, and I can't find my desk. The neighbour we used to have in N. Vancouver 
pops up and says hi. I struggle to come up with his name but I do it and introduce my doctor. We 
travel a little further into the business and an older shortish 174cm man in a dark suit and tie 
is with my mom who is wearing full white gown. She's wearing full white gown in my dreams since 
she died: this is a reality fact, not a dream fact. 

"Mom what are you doing here?"
"She teaches Religious Studies," answered the man.
I feel compelled to introduce her, I struggle a bit with the last name, she's had four of them. 
I struggle with Ken Dodson's surname too. I tell myself it's because these people are showing up 
unexpectedly in my dream that I can't get the names perfect. They leave, I overhear the man 
saying "...does well with that meditation you gave him for a half-hour..."

My doctor gives me a look like "you're from a religious family?" and I give him a look like 
"give me a break: you were raised Seventh Day Adventist and trained at Loma Linda."