A quick,almost spiffy confession.

Found at: sdf.org:70/users/christyotwisty/phlog/dregs/2020-06-11.txt

A quick, almost spiffy confession.

I neglected gopher for awhile. What I expressed I could in 256 
characters or fewer. I see larger issues and incidents hurting
the world, conversations that need to take place on mastodon.

My small-scale, navel-gazing topics therefore will stay here. I do not 
like my personal issues phlogged to be brought into Mastodon's public
timeline by anyone other than me without my permission, for anyone to 
extend my puny personal problems to a larger theatre where regional, 
global issues and linux, FOSS, maker projects, music, and retrocomputing 
topics are the welcome pillars of conversation is insensitive.

I reviewed tomasino's recipes and I mean to try at least some a week, 
like the bread recipe. I miss making bread. I miss using my slow-cooker.
I must be better organized and plan meals in advance.

I wish I had (re-)explored recipes in gopherspace earlier so earlier, 
before my grocery order was placed with the community volunteer.  I am a 
government-enforced shut-in, and I cannot shop for my own groceries now. 
The volunteer shops once every two weeks for me.

I may sneak out to the open-air farm markets though. I can't risk being
in supermarkets for long.

A friend mourned the disappearance of a gift ordered for me. The vendor
did not verify or confirm the delivery to me, did not respond to 
friend's request for a refund. Eight weeks later the gift has arrived.
I hope my friend feels better and has one less perturbation.

Tell me, what do you put in your gemini spaces that you don't on gopher?
And vice versa? Did you abandon gopher in preference to gemini?