feel like that should be the

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Regimenting. I  feel like that should  be the watchword for  the current
times. I  know everyone and  their cousin  has been talking  about covid
lately, but it  really is such a totalizing situation;  you can't escape
t, even in  escapism. But in times like this,  when everything has been
and  all those  little stresses  that life  likes to  pile on,  that I'm
nearly a stranger to myself sometimes.  The old patterns, the old habits
(good and bad) have  fallen to the wayside, and what I'm  left with is a
life that rarely feels like my own.

Some  of  this has  been  good,  to be  sure,  I've  been afforded  many
blessings in  all this turmoil and  I try to keep  those in perspective.
But at the same time, I have lost some of the qualities I once respected
n  myself. To  put it  bluntly, I've  grown lazy  with myself.  I don't
excercise as  much anymore, I  don't socialize  with friends as  much, I
Lately though, I hve been having  more and more that "something's really

To that end, I've  resolved to start a new approach,  and take the reins
back to my  life, at first in little ways:  getting back to excercising,
easier to pick  up bad habits than it  is to put them down  again, and I
know that  I will optimistically be  half as successful as  I intend. It
feels almost perverse to say that the external turmoil has really helped
me shed  a light  on the  almost spiritual turmoil  I have  been lapsing
nto,  but  it is  true.  I've  never been  one  for  setting goals  and
more concrete) that should help guide me along this path:

* make more time for myself, to take inventory and reflect inwardly

* stop  gorging myself on  sweets and  "foods of convenience"  and stick

* get back in the rhythm of excercising daily or near daily

* keep up with my studies so  I can pursue my passions, rather than idle
time wasting

* be  a bit  more stubborn  when it comes  to my  wants, don't  just let

of diary  like this phlog is  already making me feel  better, letting me