Lately it feels like everyone is

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update. Lately it feels like everyone  is going crazy, with stay at home
orders  and  social distancing,  but  strngely  enough  it seems  to  be
affecting me  less than  most, or at  least in a  different way.  I keep
coming back to the thought that if I were still living as more or less a
the time  I think  it's an  improvement, being  less isolated,  but when
you're so close to people who are going crazier by the day, it's hard to
not have  that feeling  rubbed off  onto you. I  just hope  there's some

that sometime when I'm able, I would  like to work in a datacenter or in
NOC engineer  and that really got  me thinking "maybe I  could do this".
The material covered in the A+ cert is a wonderful combination of things
trifecta; I'm not 100% sure that's what I will end up doing, but it's at
least some kind of direction to start moving.

the  Emacs extension  Elpher, which  I  have been  really enjoying.  You
the old  Raspberry Pi 3b+ that's  collecting dust in my  media center to
the community in these spaces, and  be more active in putting content up
or  working  on  fun  little  projects.  I  really  like  the  ethos  of

Anyway, thank you  for reading this little update, and  have a wonderful