Delayed Gratification This is another

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2018-03-18 Delayed Gratification

This is another compilation of phlog posts I've been collecting. I
haven't been posting much at all in a while but I have a good
reason. I was thrown off by a possible malware issue on my laptop that
basically buggered my WordPress site as set up my my domain hosting
service. I did a full file-system scan with clamav with a likely
candidate found in my Google Chrome cache which I've since
deleted. I've since requested to have my WordPress site taken down and
deleted. I will look into doing something with WordPress.com directly
as I still own the domain. I'm not convinced that the issue doesn't
lie with my current provider. All this extra work to keep out idiot
hackers has significantly cooled my desire to blog. No one is looking
at this stuff anyway so what's the point? This spilled over into my
phlog as it has *no* traffic at all to my knowledge. I'm just talking
to myself here. Anyway, as an exercise for myself, I will continue to
post here and will (eventually) look at setting up my WordPress blog

Again, here are my ravings over the past few weeks...


[2019-02-08 14:42] 

Well, I got the other notes posted to my phlog. Hopefully, I'll repeat
the performance in less than three weeks this time around.

[2019-02-12 14:14]

I'm almost done with On-Call support for the week. Of course I managed
to get a ticket that I can figure out. I asked my colleagues via email
but no one has responded as of yet. I think I'll ask the vendor the

It's snowing like crazy here again. We'll probably get 15 to 20 cm of
snow and ice pellets, along with some freezing rain. I *just* finished
breaking up and clearing all the ice off our driveway from the last
storm. Now I get to do it again. :/

[2019-02-14 15:56]

I was just told by my spouse that I'm negative all the time and now,
my child is emulating my behaviour. I'm not pleased with myself right
now. The last week or so has been very hard for me mentally and now I
see that it's been taking a toll on my loved ones. I feel so powerless
most days but this is something I can control: my own behaviour and my
interactions with my family. I just wish I could make myself be more
positive. I've stopped listening to the news and I'm trying to consume
more positive media. I guess I need to try harder. :/

[2019-02-18 08:10]

Ugh, I ran out of time to write much for my phlog. We're off to
"Family Yoga". After that it's brunch with some friends of ours. Later
today, I'm constructing IKEA bookcases for the office and possibly
rearranging the room of our youngest. We just bought him a new
bed. Okay, I have to run. Time to get ready.

[2019-02-19 12:08]

It's a Tuesday after a long weekend. I'm slogging through my day. I
had a productive few days off. I worked in my friend's store on
Saturday. It was busy but I survived. Our plans to go skiing on Sunday
were changed on the last minute because my eldest child has an upset
stomach in the middle of the night. Instead, we went to IKEA and
picked up a bed/mattress for our youngest, as well as a couple
"Kallax" shelving units to organize the office/library a bit. I'm
happy with the result but there's still a lot of clean up and
organizing to do in that room.

This week is going to be particularly trying. We were very kindly
invited to see a show this evening but I think we'll get home very
late. Coupled with the fact that I have to come into the office every
day this week because of various meetings, this week is going to be
very difficult. I'm trying to mitigate things by begging off on
working out with my friend Mat so I can get to bed earlier, at least
until Friday. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook so I'm not a drag
to my family but this is going to be very tough.

[2019-02-23 08:49] 

I'm stressed out and overwhelmed. We're just home today but all the
chores and stuff we didn't get done during the week are waiting. The
kids are demanding and my spouse is at a fitness class.

[2019-02-25 14:51]

Almost through the day. I'm tired but not out of spoons. This is
unusual. This means that I'm looking forward to the event tonight. I
think this is partially due to the fact that my spouse and both my
kids will be there so we're doing it together. I hope it turns out to
be fun for everyone. The other reason is that this week will be busy
but not nearly as packed as last week. If I get to bed reasonably
early each night I should make it through okay. The only issue I have
is tomorrow night is a match for Toronto FC as the second leg of the
first round of the CONCACAF Champions League. TFC was clobbered 4-0
while away so they'll need to score FIVE unanswered goals to advance
to the next round. They have a snowball's chance in hell to do that
which is oddly appropriate since the match is happening in
February. This match is included in our season seat package so I won't
cry if I miss it. The friend I plan to go with is recovering from
bronchitis so he may not feel up to going. If he cancels then I'll
just stay home. :)

[2019-03-02 13:09] 

I've dragged myself through another packed week. On top of a full
schedule and another giant snowstorm, I've been feeling run down and
listless. I ended up skipping the CONCACAF Champions League match as
my friend ho was going to attend with me got bronchitis. TFC ended up
in a 1-1 tie and lost 5-1 on aggregate. Therefore, it was no big deal
missing the match.

I also had an entire week of hacking issues on my website. The people
supporting the site can't figure out the issue and the main page has
been hacked twice.

[2019-03-02 17:28]

I'm almost done with work today. We've been so busy today. It just
hasn't stopped. I'm exhausted and frustrated by technology and pretty
much everything else too.

[2019-03-06 14:17]

I'm pushing my way through my week. I have an upgrade tonight that i
have to validate after 23:00. I just need a couple days off really. I
just haven't had any time to myself.

I haven't been exercising very much. I hurt my leg running a couple
weeks back and it's still not healed. It even bothers me when I walk
intermittently. I have new shoes on order so I hope that will help. I
have managed to get to the gym to do some weights yesterday with my
friend. It's a start.

I need more sleep too. I'm not sure how I can achieve this. I feel
like I've been beaten with sticks.