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2019-01-19 Boredom and Brilliance?

Here is another somewhat shorter collection of sub-posts gathered from

[2019-01-18 13:02] 

I've been cranking away at various items this morning. It's one of
those days where you work hard, make a bit of progress on a bunch of
things, but, in the end, you don't actually finish any one
task. Yesterday, I managed to post my last series of timestamped
entries I created on Evernote on my phlog. I also managed to get a big
chunk of organizing and writing done for my next post on my WordPress
blog. That's something I haven't made time for since autumn!

I'm reading a very interesting book called "Bored and Brilliant: How
Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self" by
Manoush Zomorodi
(https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33574185-bored-and-brilliant). While
some of the reviews are rather haughtily negative, I'm enjoying this
book. I already limit how much social media I consume but I don't
spend a lot of time just being "bored" or unoccupied. I think this may
be part of the answer to the question of why I don't seem to be as
creative as I think I could be. Of course, I'm generally so busy with
work and home duties that I don't really have time to waste on my
phone OR to engage in informal thinking (or "default mode" as it is
apparently called). I'm certainly not exhibiting the behaviour noted
by participants in the "Bored and Brilliant Project" that the author
ran via the "Note to Self" podcast/radio show she hosts, where people
described having "panic attacks" when they purposely stopped using
their smart phones. I do spent some time in this default mode while I
run and I have to say I often have small insights or solve problems
while I'm just running and listening to music.

[2019-01-19 11:00]

I'm working away at my part time job today. It is just freezing
outside. I have the space heater running under my desk to keep me
reasonably warm and the furnace is running every few minutes. I got up
at 06:00 and went for a run on our treadmill this morning. I'm very
pleased that I got that done. I ran 6.57 km in 46 minutes. My plan is
to run again tomorrow morning after my spouse has a turn. I got to go
first today because I was going to work this morning. The treadmill is
one of the best investments we ever made in our health and fitness. It
has paid for itself many times over in the time saved by just going
downstairs to run in all sorts of inclement weather.

[2019-01-19 16:25]

Well, the day is almost done. I actually managed to finish and upload
a blog post (https://is.gd/34A9XL ... don't worry, the link is
good. I'm just trying to get the formatting to look good). This
pleases me immensely as I've wanting to post something for a
while. The idea came out of my musings on this phlog! In fact, I may
want to expand on the "Bored and Brilliant" idea I wrote about earlier
this week. That will be something I can pick at on another day.