Holiday Week Here I am

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2018-12-29 Holiday Week

Here I am at the the last shift of the year. The last week of holidays
were restful and fun for the most part. The only hiccup is that we had
to deal with a stomach bug that affected all the children and
myself. I'm mostly better, for which I'm thankful, as this shift would
have been very tough otherwise. I have a tiny regret in that I
promised to work at another location on New Year's Eve. The other
store is quite far away from home; it's around an hour by car to get
there. At the time, I hadn't picked up all these Saturday shifts at my
friend's store so I was quite happy for the extra work even with the
long commute on New Year's Eve. Now, I would rather have the day
off. I can't really complain and I should still make it to the party
we're attending in time to celebrate the New Year.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. Happy New Year!