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2018-10-29 Labour, Football, and Food!

As I've mentioned previously here, I'm reading "Shadow Work" by Craig
Lambert. I'm somewhere in the first chapter where the author speaks
about how Americans *love* to work. How they don't take all their
vacation allotments and how they work weeks longer each year on
average than the equivalent worker in various countries in Europe. I
live in Canada and I really don't think we're much better, heavily
influenced as we are by our neighbours to the south.

I try really hard to balance work and free time. I have very little
guilt about putting my family ahead of work I do. I'm fortunate enough
to work in an environment that allows me to do this. I guess that's
why I work where I do. I quite acutely feel the time passing,
especially as I watch my children grow up. They do this in a such a
short span of time that you'll miss it unless you make an effort. I
don't want to spend any more of my limited time existing at work than
I have to.

It's funny/sad how my dad just doesn't understand why I prioritize my
children in front of most things. I was speaking on the phone with him
today and he made a comment about whether or not I was sure that I
didn't have plans tonight or if I'd be "too busy with the kids". I
told him that I'm always busy with the kids but that I should be
around to speak to him if he calls tonight. He never really made us
his priority, at least not from the perspective of being available to
his children. He worked hard and thought that he was doing his job as
a father. He's a product of the era he grew up in and I can't really
blame him.


I am a football fan. That's soccer for most people in North
America. My local club in Major League Soccer (MLS), Toronto FC (TFC),
did not make the play-offs this year, after winning everything in the
league last year. It's was too many matches and not enough good
players on the bench to rotate onto the field, between this year and
last year:

"Since March 6, 2016 (966 days ago), @torontofc has played 134
competitive matches. 1 match every 7.2 days. 134 matches in 138
weeks. And yes, that includes 2 “offseasons”. I think we could all use
a rest! #TFCLive https://t.co/Y1BicfxMf6 "

TFC competed in two full regular seasons, a play-off that cumulated in
winning the MLS Cup, and a CONCACAF Champions League run that saw them
lose on penalty kicks in the final. I know there are clubs in Europe
who regularly do this but the pool of talent available to a European
club is on a completely different scale than what we get here. Last
night was the last match in the regular season for our club. I had the
privilege to go with my spouse, which almost never happens. It
happened this time due to the kindness of my sister-in-law in
volunteering to watch our kids. We were rewarded with an excellent
match and a 4-1 win, which was rare this year. We're season seat
holders so we'll be back next year. Things have evolved over the years
of having season seats. I used to mostly go with my friends but, this
year especially, my spouse and I have alternated going and we've
brought the kids too. I think this is more fair since we both end up
paying for the cost of the tickets. I also,like that we get to share
them as a family. :)


I *cooked* this weekend! It's grey and cold out so I made a huge pot
of chili and my spouse made a big pot of chicken soup. Our kids are
very excited as these are two of their favourite meals. I find cooking
to be the least onerous of the household chores we have. I'm sometimes
overwhelmed by what to do or what to make but once I get going it's a
very pleasurable thing for me to do. I especially like making
something the kids like or get excited about. They're starting to get
involved in the kitchen too which is an important life skill for them
to develop.


Well, this is rather longer than my usual posts. Perhaps it was the
pause over the weekend that spurred on a longer missive. That being
said, I guess I'll sign off for now and say we'll chat soon. :)