Work Stress m finally sitting

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2018-10-25 Work Stress

I'm finally sitting down to write this! I have had a busy day. First,
I had to go downtown to run an errand which kind of threw of my usual
schedule. Then, as I get home, my boss sends me an email to call
her. I call her back and she has some data I need for the item I was
working on yesterday. This is good as I was able to finish that
task. However, before I could even get started I had to spend more
than an hour with our Help Desk trying to figure out why the VPN
client wouldn't accept my code. After uninstalling and reinstalling
nearly every piece of software involved, and changing my token
password, and after rebooting my work laptop multiple times, I was
still no closer to having a solution to my problem. Finally, the agent
suggested that I try the old VPN client (we had been "upgraded" a few
weeks ago but I hadn't had any issues until today). Guess what?  It
worked! After I got my critical work tasks done, I uninstalled and
reinstalled the new VPN client and now it appears to be working
normally. After that, I spent most of the day doing catch up and
dealing with other tasks. Now, at the end of the day, I'm beat and I
still need to get my children from school and start all the evening
tasks one has as a parent.

I really do find that spending any significant amount of time being
frustrated really wears me out. I think I need to find a better way to
deal with the stress I get when I'm faced with a frustrating
situation. I think I'll be happier as a result. I don't know if
meditation might help. I've tried it and does help but sticking with
it and making time for it is really hard. I think I'll have to make a
better effort for find time for meditation. It might help me be less
frustrated or deal with a frustrating situation better.