Alive!Yea gods,m busy

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2018-10-19 Stayin' Alive!

Yea gods, I'm busy today. At least, it's Friday. I'm on call this week
until next Tuesday. That makes it a little more stressful than usual
but I'll manage. I hope the weekend is quiet.

Still trying really hard to avoid the news since everything is getting
worse everywhere. It seems that every selfish miserable asshole is
going into politics to the acclaim of people everywhere. I'm really
worried about the world we're leaving to our kids with leaders who
have no thought except the bottom line.

My Dad is okay, I think. I had to come into the office today so I
can't check on him. My cousin is going to drop by and see him
tonight. We have things to take care of so we're not going to be home
for the earlier part of the evening. I think he'll be very happy to
get home. I'm really concerned about his ability to drive
though. I've left a message with his family doctor but I haven't heard
back yet.

In any case, the weekend is coming. Hoepfully, I'll get a bit of
downtime in there somewhere.