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Found at: sdf.org:70/computers/toshiba/t20sxe.spc

T2000SXe    (No longer manufactured)

General Information
   Model number:     T2000SXe 40MB - PA1027U
                     T2000SXe 60MB - PA1028U
   Dimensions:       12.2"W x 10"D x 1.9"H
   Weight:           6.9 lbs. with battery pack
   Voltage:          Computer DC input  -  18VDC, 1.7A (running)/18VDC, 2.2A
                     (charging) Universal AC adapter -  100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz
   Battery:          Removable rechargeable Nickel Hydride battery pack
   CPU:              80386SX-20 ( 20/10MHz); 80387SX-20 coprocessor socket
   RAM memory:       2MB standard (640KB conventional; 1.384MB extended or
                     HardRAM) Memory expandable up to 10MB via one credit
                     card style memory slot when optional 1MB, 2MB, 4MB,
                     or 8MB card is added
   Number of keys:   86
   Keyboard type:    101-key keyboard compatible
   Drives:           One 1.44MB 3.5" floppy disk drive
                     One 40MB or one 60MB hard disk drive
   Features:         AutoResume, HardRAM, Automatic display and hard drive
                     shutdown,   CPU sleep mode, Intelligent power supply
                     with battery "gas gauge"
   Operating system: Originally shipped with Toshiba MS-DOS 4.01
                     Currently shipping with Toshiba MS-DOS 5.0

Software Compatibility

   Compatible with software written for the IBM PC/XT/AT using VGA, EGA,
   or CGA resolution graphics modes

   VGA color video port
   RS-232-C serial port
   Parallel printer/external diskette or tape drive port
   Numeric keypad/101-key keyboard adapter port
   Built-in modem slot - "D" form factor
   100 pin expansion interface connector
   Credit card style memory slot

   Display type:  Fluorescent Sidelit Supertwist LCD
   Display area:  6.8"W x 5.1"H; 8.5" diagonal
   Resolution:    640 x 480
   Contrast:      15 : 1
   Gray scales:   16 gray scales

   Conner Peripherals HDD: CP2044
   Interface:              IDE
   Average access time:    19ms
   Recording method:       2-7 RLL

   Conner Peripherals HDD: CP2064
   Interface:              IDE
   Average access time:    19ms
   Recording method:       2-7 RLL

Soft Switches
   1) Change CPU speed
      Fn + PgUp   20MHz CPU Speed
      Fn + PgDn   10MHz CPU Speed
   2) Pop-up window
      Fn + Esc    Toggles pop-up window
   3) Keypad overlay
      Fn + NumLock  Toggles keypad overlay
   4) Fn key
      Fn + Ctrl   Simulate IBM enhanced keyboard Right Ctrl
      Fn + Alt    Simulate IBM enhanced keyboard Right Alt
      Fn + Enter    Simulate IBM enhanced keyboard numeric keypad Enter

Hardware Switches and Controls
   1) Power on/off
      Located on left side of computer
   2) Reset
      Located on left side of computer
   3) LCD brightness and contrast dials
      Located on right side of computer

Options and Extra Accessories

   PC-PA2000U     2MB memory card
   PC-PA2001U     4MB memory card
   PC-PA2002U     8MB memory card
   PC-T24D        2400 bps Hayes compatible dedicated built-in modem
                  (Bell or CCITT)
   PC-T24D/X      2400 bps Hayes compatible dedicated built-in
                  modem w/enhanced protocol (MNP5, V.42 bis)
   PC-PA7225U     5.25" 360KB external FDD with 18VDC adapter
   PC18-PA8725U   Battery pack - 2200 mAh
   PC18-PA8726U   Battery pack recharger with AC adapter
   PC18-PA8727U   Universal AC adapter
   PC18-PA749L    Auto adapter - 12 VAC
   PC-PA7354E     17-key numeric keypad
   PC-PA8718U     101-key keyboard adapter with external power supply
   PC-PA722L      TD80 external tape backup drive
   PC-PA8600U     Desk Station ll
   PC18-PA875L    Fabric carrying case
   PC-PA1000L     Leather carrying case
   PC13-PA874L    Executive leather portfolio
   PR-PA2750U     ExpressWriter 201 portable printer
   PC-SW013       Toshiba MS-DOS 5.0 (includes diskettes and manuals)
   PC-SW007       Toshiba MS-DOS 4.01 (includes diskettes and manuals)
   PC-SW004       Toshiba BASIC 3.30 (includes diskette and manual)
   PC-SW012       Toshiba MS OS/2 operating system 1.21

System Memory Map

   Address range  (Kilobytes) Used For:
   '000000'       640         System working
   '09FFFF'                   memory
   '0A0000'       128         Video RAM
   '0C0000'       32          VGA BIOS ROM
   '0C8000'       32          (Reserved)
   'D00000'       64          (Reserved)
   '0E0000'       32          HardRAM window
   '0E8000'       32          Backup RAM
   '0F0000'       64          System BIOS ROM
   '100000'       1.408       System working memory
   '260000'       8,192       Optional memory cards
   'A00000'       5,696       Memory expansion
   'FEFFFF'                   in expansion port
   'FF0000'       64          System BIOS ROM
   'FFFFFF'                   (Duplicated)

   Same as T2000SX (refer to that section)

   Same as T2000SX (refer to that section)