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 If you want to look at a brief description of the programs, use the T)ype
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  Filename      Size                    Description
------------   ------ --------------------------------------------------------
ABC1-4.DOC   Read: For pre-schoolers and first graders
ABC1-4.LZH   The Animated Alphabet v1.0 educational .
ABC2-4.LZH   EGA and color capable
ABC3-4.LZH   Match the letter with the picture
ABC4-4.LZH   Movie-like EGA and VGA graphics
AMATH1-A.DOC Animated Math v1.00 pre-school tutor
AMATH1-A.LZH Counting, addition, sutraction (1 of 4)
AMATH1-B.LZH Animated Math v1.00 (2 of 4)
AMATH1-C.LZH Animated Math v1.00 disk (3 of 4)
AMATH1-D.LZH Animated Math v1.00 disk (4 of 4)
ASCIFNT2.DOC Quick Titles from ASCIIFONTS v2.2
ASCIFNT2.LZH Create quick screens in ASCII char's
ASCIFONT.LZH Large fonts, borders, headlines, box-line
BANNER20.DOC Desc. of (BANNER20) the banner maker
BANNER20.LZH Bannerific v2.0 from TexasSoft 
CRYPT20.DOC  Crypt v2.0 adventure game
CRYPT20.LZH  Explore dark chambers under the Church!
CSHOW80A.DOC Description. Graphics picture viewer.
CSHOW80A.LZH CompuShow v8.00a view/print GIF and RLE
CSHOW823.DOC CompuShow v8.23a Cayon State Systems
CSHOW823.LZH View GIF and other formate pictures
CSHOW832.DOC CompuShow v8.32a graphics picture display
CSHOW832.LZH Hercules on up to SuperVGA GIF/RLE etc.
CSHW21A.DOC  EGA VGA Hercules and more...
CSHW21A.LZH  CSHOW v8.21a view GIF/RLE etc.. pictures
CWC-42.DOC   CrossWord Creator v4.2 wordprocessor
CWC-42.LZH   Unique way to create cross word puzzles
DC-25A.DOC   DANCAD v2.5g full featured CAD draw
DC-25A.LZH   DANCAD v2.5g disk 1 of set of 5
DC-25B.LZH   DANCAD v2.5g disk 2 of 5 set
DC-25C.LZH   DANCAD v2.5g disk 3 of 5 set
DC-25D.LZH   DANCAD v2.5g disk 4 of 5 set
DC-25E.LZH   DANCAD v2.5g disk 5 of 5 set
DC-PLOT.LZH  DANCAD v2.5g - DANPLOT (extra!)
DFTCH14.DOC  Desc: From the AS-EASY-AS Trius people
DFTCH14.DOC  Desc: From the AS-EASY-AS Trius people
DMAZE100.DOC DiaMaze v1.0 graphical maze game
DMAZE100.LZH Explore mines searching for diamonds!
DOSTRIV3.DOC DOS Trivia v3.00 question/answer game
DOSTRIV3.LZH Test your knowledge of DOS
DRAFTC15.DOC Draft Choice v1.5 from the AsEasyAs people
DRAFTC15.LZH Computer Aided Design from TRIUS Inc.
DRFTCH14.LZH Draft Choice v1.4 drafting drawing CAD
DRFTCH14.LZH Draft Choice v1.4 drafting drawing CAD
FOOTBAL2.DOC Football with AI as chalenger
FOOTBAL2.LZH FootBall for the computer
FUNFACE2.DOC Funny Face v2.0 create animation faces
FUNFACE2.LZH Entertainment for kids of all ages
GEMCAP40.DOC Read: Works on any monitor
GEMCAP40.LZH GEMCAP v4.0 captures apps screens . .
GRAFD10.DOC  GrafDump v1.0 dump screen to printer
GRAFD10.LZH  Works with any graphics printer
HEX_S10.DOC  Desc: Fit hex patterns together.
HEX_S10.LZH  HEX-A-Gone game and puzzel try it.
KEYDRAW.DOC  Desc: With HyperDraw and HyperShell (stacks!)
KEYDRW-1.LZH PC-Key-Draw v3.57 update many improvements
KEYDRW-2.LZH Desc: PC-Key-Draw's user manual and docs
KEYDRW-3.LZH PC-Key-Draw's tutorial . . .
KEYDRW-4.LZH PC-Key-Draw's Library . . .
METOO100.DOC MeToo v1.00 reading skills for kids
METOO100.LZH Entry level multilingual skills
MFA100.DOC   Read: Organise thoughts in flowchart style
MFA100.LZH   Micro Flowchart Aid v1.00 by Wayne Tech
MJONGG33.DOC Read: EGA and VGA graphics skill game
MJONGG33.LZH MAH JONGG v3.3 the tile game .
MURPHY16.DOC Description: Text adventure game.
MURPHY16.LZH McMurphy's Mansion adventure game v1.6
NORTHC42.DOC NorthCAD 3-D v4.2 drawing and design
NORTHC42.LZH Major upgrade to this 3-Dimensional prgm
QUEST31.DOC  Description: was called Image 3D
QUEST31.LZH  QUEST 3-D drawing and CAD version 3.1
SHAFT100.DOC SHAFT v1.00 action game - defuse bombs
SHAFT100.LZH Watch out for that open elevator SHAFT!
SHAPES-1.DOC Shapes - animations and colors CGA-up
SHAPES-1.LZH Shapes v1.0 educational (1 of 3)
SHAPES-2.LZH Shapes v1.0 CGA EGA VGA (2 of 3)
SHAPES-3.LZH Shapes v1.0 enjoyable learning (3 of 3)
SHOOT21.DOC  Read Skeet wild west carnival and more
SHOOT21.LZH  Shooting Gallery v2.1 carnival type game .
STIX100.DOC  STIX v1.00 childrens sticker art
STIX100.LZH  STIX drawing program for children
SUPERFLY.DOC Read Stop the ivading hordes
SUPERFLY.LZH Superfly action game for EGA and VGA
WHATSIT1.DOC Desc: Uncover the picture, EGA required
WHATSIT1.LZH WHAT IS IT picture game v1.00
WRKBK100.DOC Work Book v1.00 spelling game for kids
WRKBK100.LZH Graphics, music and spelling