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  Filename      Size                    Description
------------   ------ --------------------------------------------------------
ARCHEO.LZH Your the archeologist - find the artifacts
ARGH.LZH Rearrange the blocks on the board
ASTEGAXT.LZH EGA asteroids game
BABY.LZH Bouncing baby game - challenging
BASGAME.LZH Group of 4 good games
BIRDBRAN.LZH Can you catch the fish??
BJ-DEM.LZH EGA Blackjack game - supurb graphics
BLACKJCK.LZH The best Blackjack game ever
BLOCKADE.LZH Territorial blockade game - fun to play
BOWL.LZH A great bowling game - challenging
BREAKOUT.LZH Try to break out the brick wall
BRIDGE.LZH The card game of Bridge
BUGS.LZH Action game like Centipede
CASTLE.LZH Dungeons and dragons type game
CAVQUEST.LZH Excellent Dungeons and dragons game
CENTIPED.LZH The arcade game of Centipede
CHEKKERS.LZH Best game of checkers - requires EGA
CHESS.LZH Color chess game
CLONEINV.LZH EGA clone of Space Invaders game - use mouse or keyboard
CNINGFTB.LZH Cunning Football v1.2 - requires EGA to play
COMICV20.LZH The Adventures of Captain Comic - requires EGA
CORP.LZH You are president of a corporation
CROSWORD.LZH Make your own crossword puzzles
CWC.LZH Make crossword puzzles to solve
DEFENDER.LZH Orbital defender game
DOMINOES.BAS Are you good at dominoes?? Try this one
EGASOL.LZH Solitare for EGA - requires EGA and mouse
FIRE.LZH Try to put out the fire quickly
FAMILYFD.LZH The TV game Family Fued
FROG.LZH Like the arcade game of Frogger
FTENNIS.LZH A neat tennis game from France
GAMMON.LZH Play backgammon with the computer
GIN!.LZH Gin card game - play against the computer!
GLOBTWAR.LZH Global Thermonuclear war (for PCjr)
JEOPARDY.LZH The TV game Jeopardy
JUMPJOE.LZH Janitor Joe game - like Donkey Kong
KNOXBLOK.BAS Breakout type game for PCjr
LANDER.LZH Try to land the space ship
LASTWAR.LZH Stars Wars type space game
LIFE2.LZH Complex game of life based on math
MATCH.LZH Match up prizes - like the game of Concentration
MAZE.LZH Try to find your way through the maze
MONOP.LZH Monopoly for 1-4 people & play the computer
MONOPOLY.LZH The game of Monopoly for 1 person
MONOP68.LZH The game of Monopoly for 4 people
MORAFF.LZH "Moraff's Revenge" 3-D RPG game with graphics
NYET.LZH Like Tetris - fit the pieces together
OTHELLO.LZH A game of skill.  How good are you ??
QUBERT.LZH The game of Qubert
QUINTA.LZH Like Gomoku and Pente - requires EGA monitor and mouse
REACTOR.LZH Try to keep the reactor running
REDBARON.LZH A WW II airplane game - very good
RUBIK.LZH Fix the Rubik's cube - challenging game
SCRAMBLE.LZH Word game - interesting and fun
SDI.LZH SDI Star Wars for real
SKIING.LZH Test your skill at skiing the slopes
SNARF.LZH Run & shoot action - great graphics - requires EGA
SOLITARE.LZH Good solitare card game
SOPWITH.LZH Test your skills as a WW I flying ace
SOPWITH2.LZH Another WW I flying ace program
SPACEWAR.LZH Space war game like Asteroids
STARSHIP.LZH Starship Invasion - a fun Star Trek like game
STRIKER.LZH Excellent arcade game with helicopter
SUBCHASE.LZH Throw the depth charges at the subs
SUPRTREK.LZH Begin-a game that tests your skill to command a starfleet
SWARS.LZH Space wars action
TICTACTO.LZH Play tic-tac-toe against the computer
TREK_EGA.LZH EGA Star Trek game - requires EGA monitor
TRIVIA.LZH  Computer version of Trivial Pursuit
TRUCKER.LZH Truck driver simulation
VBALL.LZH Fun volleyball game - simple, but try it!
WARDEMO.LZH Demo of Dan Bunten's ModemWars game
WHEEL.LZH Like the TV show Wheel of Fortune
WITCH.LZH  Halloween checker game
WIZARD.LZH A Dungeons & Dragons type game to find the Orb of Zot
YAHTZEE.LZH The classic dice game of Yahtzee