Communications Filename Size Descript

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            |  Communications Programs................           |

  Filename      Size                    Description
------------   ------ --------------------------------------------------------
DSZ0626.DOC  Read: Batch file ZModem capability
DSZ0626.LZH  DSZ Zmodem protocol from Chuck Forsberg .
ENVOY100.DOC Desc: Comm Terminal with editor & script
ENVOY100.LZH Envoy v1b new communications program
MH091590.DOC MaxiHost v.091590 (was minihost) BBS
MH091590.LZH A unique and complete BBS system
NTM_1113.DOC NODE-TM v1.1113 IFNA- dial entry
NTM_1113.LZH Convert IFNA nodelist to Telemate dialer
QDIAL12.DOC  Quick Dial v1.2 comm terminal -easy-
QDIAL12.LZH  Supports 300/1200/2400 and scroll back
QDIAL13.DOC  Quick Dial v1.3 in Microsoft QuickBasic
QDIAL13.LZH  Full featured communications terminal
SLRN-110.DOC Read: Makes simple SALT scripts
SLRN-110.LZH Automatic script learner for Telix . .
SMMENU10.DOC Desc: Can also be used from command
SMMENU10.LZH Shell Modem Menu designed for ProComm+
SPRT117A.DOC SPORT netmailer with YooHoo capability
SPRT117A.LZH SPORT v1.17 installation disk (A
SPRT117B.LZH SPORT v1.17 utilities (B
SPRT117C.LZH SPORT v1.17 documentation (C
SWAITS-1.DOC SPORT Wide Area Information Transfer Sys.
SWAITS-1.LZH Priviate netmailer - unique
SWAITS-2.LZH SPORT beta - 3 disk set
SWAITS-3.LZH SPORT beta mail system - the doc's
T-FIG312.DOC Read: Get the most out of TELIX
T-FIG312.LZH T-Fig v3.12 for configuring TELIX v3.12 .
TELMT2-1.LZH Telemate v2.00 Communications (1 of 3)
TELMT2-2.LZH Telemate v2.00 multitasking (2 of 3)
TELMT2-3.LZH Telemate v2.00 Docs and Utility (3 of 3)
TELMT200.DOC Description. Telemate v2 Communications
TFE220.DOC   Read: Edit or convert and more
TFE220.LZH   Control over Telix FON files . .
TFE221.DOC   TelixFonEd v2.21 (requires Telix)
TFE221.LZH   Edit and manipulate the dialing directory
TFIG312E.DOC T-Fig v3.12e Telix online tutorial
TFIG312E.LZH The easiest way to configure Telix
TM211-1.LZH  Telemate v2.11 now with overlays and faster
TM211-2.LZH  Telmate v2.11 executables
TM211-3.LZH  Telemate v2.11 documentation
TM211.DOC    Read: Telemate terminal and communications
ZCOMM.DOC    Read: ZCOMM industrial strength terminal
ZCOMMDOC.LZH ZCOMM documentation (1of3)
ZCOMMEXE.LZH ZCOMM executables (2of3)
ZCOMMHLP.LZH ZCOMM Help package (3of3)
SPORT13B.LZH SPORT v1.30 YOOHOO compatible (2 of 3)
SPORT13A.LZH SPORT electronic mailer v1.30 (1 of 3)
SPORT13A.DOC SPORT Wide Area Information Transfer
SPORT13C.LZH SPORT personal communications (3 of 3)