Communications Programs Filename Size

Found at: sdf.org:70/computers/pcjr/comm/008.BBS

            |              Communications Programs               |

  Filename      Size                    Description
------------   ------ --------------------------------------------------------
ANCHOR.LZH Show how to fix Anchor to monitor DTR
AREA.LZH Find out where area codes are - city and state
ASYNC.LZH Asynchronous communication routines
AUTOPRCM.LZH Makes auto download CMD files for Procomm
BIMOD107.LZH Procotol allowing simultaneous upload/downloading
BREAKBOX.LZH RS232 breakout box program
CABLESER.LZH Tells how to make your own serial cable
CALLWAIT.LZH Tells how to disable call waiting
CW_HAYES.LZH Set Hayes modem to ignore call waiting tone
DSZ0419.LZH Zmodem add-in protocol - release date 04/19/89
EASYNET.LZH Simple, easy to use serial network between two computers
FIDO2.CMD Procomm CMD file for Fido Bulletin Boards
FIDOTERM.LZH Simple communications program w/Zmodem by Tom Jennings
FLTIBM.LZH Transfer data from Tandy Model 100/200 to PC compatible
GENIEDL.LZH Auto file download script file for Genie/Telix
GETSET.LZH Clock/calendar setup via modem
GT12.LZH Communications program - receive color graphics
GT1403_1.LZH GT Powercomm v14.03 - Part 1 of 5 - Main packet
GT1403_2.LZH GT Powercomm v14.03 - Part 2 of 5 - Main program
GT1403_3.LZH GT Powercomm v14.03 - Part 3 of 5 - External protocols
GT1403_4.LZH GT Powercomm v14.03 - Part 4 of 5 - Terminal version
GT1403_5.LZH GT Powercomm v14.03 - Part 5 of 5 - BBS files/examples
HOST-III.LZH Access the files on a system from a remote location
JMOD120.LZH Jmodem file transfer protocol - use in Procomm+ & Telix
JPGHEX.LZH Converts .COM files to ASCII and back
JR-TALK.LZH ---> Look in the PCjr Shoppe for this file
LIGHTS.COM On-screen status lights for internal modems
OZBEXT.LZH CIS B+ (Quick B) external protocol
QFONE300.LZH Qfonedit - Qmodem phone directory editor
RS232.LZH RS232 communications guide
SWAPCOM.COM Swap serial ports (COM1 to COM2)
SORTER40.LZH Sorts Procomm dialing directory
SORTER50.LZH Sorts Procomm Plus dialing directory
ST.LZH Background communications program
TLX311-1.LZH Telix 3.11 communications program - part 1
TLX311-2.LZH Telix 3.11 communications program - part 2
TLX311-3.LZH Telix 3.11 communications program - part 3
TLXF1088.LZH Telix 3.1 phone directory for OKC bulletin boards-10/88
TLXPCP10.LZH Telix PC Pursuit scripts
TM40.LZH Excellent Turbo communications program
TSORTER1.LZH Sorts Telix 3.xx dialing directory
TT.LZH Tells XMODEM transfer time for files
TXSORTER.LZH Sorts Telix 2.xx dialing directory
ZIP.LZH Move files from one local PC to another at 115K baud