thought mention that Ford had Multi

Found at: sdf.org:70/computers/multics/multics_ford

This is far from a comprehensive history of the Ford site, but I
thought I'd mention that Ford had Multics twice.  In 1973-1975 Multics
arrived on a trial basis that included a certain amount of joint OS
called Multics.  To this day the following software products are
licensed from Bull at no charge to Ford because of the joint

          AGS6802   ISTAT
          SGC6800   Multics Comm System
          SGC6803   Bisync support, MCS
          SGC6804   G115 support, MCS
          SGE6800   Multics Software Extensions
          SGE6802   RJE facility
          SGL6801   Fortran-77
          SGL6802   Basic
          SGS6800   Multics Exec
          SGS6801   GCOS TSS Environment

Alas, Multics fell victim to economic and experimental woes.  Because
t was an experimental/evaluation system users were reluctant to write
applications for it.  Because there were no applications for it, when
the economy dipped and money got tight there was no justification for
keeping it.

applications were written on System-M, then moved to Ford's own
Multics system when it arrived later that year.  By this time MR6.5
Multics was moved by upgrading from Level 68s to 8/70Ms into its new
upgrade to MR12.1 in 1988.

Most of the Multics applications were migrated to Sequent systems, and
n 1995 only one Multics system (two applications) remains.

  -Bruce Sanderson
   Ford Motor Co