Recap of the June Weather

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# Recap of the June 27, 2015 Weather Event

*Created on June 28, 2016* - On Saturday, June 27, 2015, the Toledo area experienced one of the most bizarre storms that I have ever seen around here. 

* [June 27, 2015 Toledo Talk thread](http://toledotalk.com/cgi-bin/tt.pl/article/192764/TOO_MUCH_RAIN)

Some nicknamed the event **Tropical Storm Toledo.** 

Ryan Wichman [tweet](https://twitter.com/Ryan_Wichman/status/614966266961494016) :

> For all those wondering...this will be the closest thing you will ever experience to a true tropical storm ever in northwest Ohio/SE MI.



Luna Pier, MI


Our weather for much of that day consisted of strong northeast winds, periods of heavy rainfall, and temps hovering around the upper 50s. That's unusual northwest Ohio weather for late June. The area had some issues that day. From my  site:


By late in the afternoon, the winds backed to the N-NW.

Toledo Express Airport:
Jun 27, 2015 4:52 pm
Weather : Rain Fog/Mist and Breezy 
Temperature : 58 F 
Humidity : 97% 
Wind Speed : NNW 23 mph - Gust 39 mph 
Barometer : 29.70 in 
Dewpoint: 57 F 
Visibility : 1.75 statute miles

At our home in West Toledo, my rain gauge recorded 3.82 inches of rainfall. Some areas recorded around 6 inches. But it was the duration of the pounding rain and wind that was strange for late June.

Oregon home. (Toledo suburb).


W. Northgate street in Toledo with stranded vehicles.


Main Street in Hamler, located in southern Henry County.


Because of Lake Erie being pushed to this end of the lake, lakeshore flooding occurred.  


Port Clinton, which resides along Lake Erie.


Before that day, we had received above normal rainfall since late May, and that combined with the June 27, 2015 weather led to flooding on the Maumee River and in urban small streams.



The National Weather Service in Cleveland issued the following at  10:24 p.m. on Sat, Jun 27, 2015:

* Flood warning for the Maumee River Near Grand Rapids
* From late tonight until Monday morning
* Flood stage is 17.5 feet
* the river is forecast to reach flood stage around 4am sunday and **crest near 18.4 feet** sunday afternoon.
* At **18.5 feet ... the 100 year flood level.** Mary Jane Thursten State Park Campground is inundated. Homes in Wood County cut off from emergency access. Portions of route 24 and the metropark facilities are inundated.


**Side note:** For June 2015, TOL recorded 7.22 inches of rain, which put the month into fourth place for all-time June rainfall. From May 30 through July 14, 2015, my rain gauge recorded 12.23 inches of rainfall.


On June 27, 2015, the area experienced scattered [road closures](http://www.toledoblade.com/local/2015/06/27/Area-road-closings.html) and power outages.

Early that afternoon, a tree branch knocked down an electrical wire onto our front yard. The wire slumped low over the street. A TPD officer blocked the street for a while until someone came to setup road blocks. The wire got repaired two or three days later.

I spoke with the officer guarding the wire. He said numerous streets in Toledo were flooded and some roads were closed. Scattered power outages existed. 

He said outside police crews had to be called to help TPD because they had to respond to normal calls in addition to responding to downed wires and flooding.

Here were a few major road closures from that afternoon.

**Lucas County:**

* Reynolds Rd. from 900 South Reynolds to Angola
* South Detroit between Airport and South 
* Outbound Anthony Wayne Trail at Copland 

**Fulton County:**

* U.S. 20A east of Delta
* U.S. 20 near C.R. 7

**Henry County:**

* S.R. 109 in Hamler

**Ottawa County:**

* S.R. 19 by Toussaint Road
* S.R. 2 near Thompson Road
* S.R. 53 near the Miller Ferry Dock
* S.R. 163 near Marblehead Park

Affected Customers: 5,458 (peaked later in the day at over 8,000)
Last Updated: Jun 27, 5:26 PM


Many homeowners in the area experienced flooded basements. Piles of damaged furnishings waiting to be hauled away dotted our neighborhood for days after the storm. 

TT comments:

[#](http://toledotalk.com/cgi-bin/tt.pl/article/192764#192788) :

> I got water in my basement for the first time since I lived in my house. (30 years).

[#](http://toledotalk.com/cgi-bin/tt.pl/article/192764#192773) :

> 8 1/2 inches in our basement in the lewis/Laskey area. Water really hasn't gone down even with 2 pumps working on it.

[#](http://toledotalk.com/cgi-bin/tt.pl/article/192764#192813) :

> After 27 years of a super dry basement, our luck ran out Saturday evening. About a half foot of water gushed in. Well over 2 feet of water in the street in front of the house that didn't recede until after 5 am Sunday.

[#](http://toledotalk.com/cgi-bin/tt.pl/article/192764#192817) :

> Of the 7 houses in our little 'pod' on Pemberville, we were the only ones who did not get water in the basement. We have 2 sump pumps, but 4 of the other 6 do not have even 1. The house to our right just spent $10,000 on his foundation and floor to try to keep the water out, but the storm sewer backed up and they couldn't stop it or pump it out fast enough. Everyone else got 4-5 feet of storm sewer water and 3 of them will be replacing at least washers and dryers, possibly furnaces.

Monday, June 29, 2015 City of Toledo Facebook [post](https://www.facebook.com/cityoftoledo/photos/a.568483179881987.1073741834.323295894400718/921425991254369/?type=1&theater)

> Here is a map generated of where most of our calls (water in the basement) came from this weekend.


It was one for the books.