This is test site that contains

Found at: sawv.org:70/info

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This is a test site that contains my old notes that I created elsewhere
over the years.
After reading this fascinating August 2016 MinnPost article titled "The
rise and fall of the Gopher protocol", I decided to setup my own gopher

Rise and Fall of the Gopher protocol

I found a lot of gopher help and related info at:


Here at gopher.soupmode.com, I'm using the Bucktooth gopher server.

BuckTooth Gopher Server

Most or all Gopher clients can display HTML, which sort of defeats the
purpose of gopher, but I found the creation and display of gopher text
files a little annoying, especially when displayed on the phone. But
maybe reading a gopher file comfortably on the phone is asking too much.
On the iPhone, I'm using the gopher client called iGopher.

iGopher app