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Canada's PM  said today that  return to normalcy won't  happen until
there is a vaccine. This is 12-18 months away. The modeling released
today also assumed  smaller outbreaks over the next  year after this
nitial one is contained. Each  outbreak would require strict social
this  before  in  various  places,  but   it  is  nice  to  hear  it

Quebec is  the hardest-hit province  in Canada  as far as  cases per
Families went on vacation that week (some to the US) and returned to
everything got shut down. Montreal airport also has a high influx of
nternational flights.

We are comfortable for the time being  with one of us going out once
a week  for food. The larger  grocery store (IGA) here  allows us to
order online and schedule  a pickup, so that is what  we do. It cuts

crowded  and very  few people  are wearing  masks.  Many  people are
the local government to shop alone.

Orders through Amazon.ca  are now delayed by at least  a month. They
claim to  be prioritizing essential  food and healthcare  goods, but
this  is all  we are  trying  to order  and  we are  still seeing  a
to stay in business by offering delivery. It costs more but is worth
t, and we are supporting local jobs.

When  we  do get  a  delivery  or  bring  home groceries,  we  clean
everything in  our garage before taking  it into the house.  For our
trips out, masks (we are using  bandannas or neck warmers) and outer
clothing go right into the wash.

That's it for now, stay safe and healthy everyone!