traffic so for me DoH is

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Thanks  to zlg  [0] for  the  note on  disabling DNS-over-https.   I
traffic through,  so for me DoH  is pointless. Even if  it wasn't, I
Cloudflare. I do use Firefox though  - even with its issues, I think
t is  still the most configurable  browser when it comes  to my own
use-cases and privacy in general. But yes, I agree the web is a mess
and it's frustrating how essential it all is to modern life.

My own workarounds include separate  Firefox profiles - for work and
containers. So, for example, online banking is isolated into one tab
container  and doesn't  mix with  the container  used for  my posteo

[0] gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.space/0/%7ezlg/0015_disable-doh.txt