that it even if the WHO

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TildeCow brings up the pandemic [0]  - I think it's pretty clear now
that it _is_ a pandemic, even if the WHO doesn't want to label it as
that. Here is the quote that caught my eye:

    "My wife and I have plans in motion though I feel that less than
    1%  of  the  population  in my  provincial  backwater  are  even
    thinking much about it."

a power  outage early this winter  [1]. We have also  been preparing
for the  eventuality of  "bugging-in", of  being quarantined  in our
thought shows just how dangerous the situation can become.

- Grocery  stores  get  daily  truck deliveries  to  maintain  stock
  levels. What happens when truck  drivers get sick, or employees in
  the factories  producing food are  told to go home  and quarantine
  for two weeks?

- 20%  of  people with  COVID-19  have  more serious  symptoms  like
  pneumonia that  usually require  hospital care.  As the  number of
  people  who get  infected  rises,  this pool  of  20% also  grows,
  eventually overwhelming the hospitals,  which even in normal times
  have tight critical care resources.  What happens when doctors and
  nurses get sick because supply  chain disruptions have limited the
  supply of protective gear?

That's just off  the top of my  head. I am sure  there are countless
other  examples  of  potential  shortages  with  critical  food  and
medicine production as a pandemic  takes hold.  There is uncertainty
contagious. Not everyone who is infected shows symptoms. Many who do

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