Linux interesting now is that Slack

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Sparcipx mentions  ditching Linux for  good [0].  I think this  is a
Linux [1].

What's interesting now is that Slackware  is pretty much the same as
t was  10 years ago,  at least as  far as installation  and overall
v15 in  order to provide OpenLDAP  support). I have an  older laptop
you get  Slackware installed,  it pretty much  just runs.  It's what
Debian stable _used_ to be before it  lost its way. There was a time
longer.  Now I  am much  more likely  to pick  one of  the BSDs  for

The desktop situation is less  clear. Often some version of 'modern'
Linux is required  for proper hardware support. This tends  to be an
ssue with newer hardware though, so  this is a good reason to stick

Nowadays systemd is  my primary reason to avoid  Linux. My reasoning
n 2009, about  geeks wanting to get their hands  dirty (and perhaps
more  importantly _able_  to get  their hands  dirty), is  even more
valid today when one considers systemd,  which is opaque at best and
and use 'Systemd/Linux' instead). It's ironic that the mass movement
towards systemd in many ways  resembles the Windows monoculture that
the Linux community  fought so hard against in the  90s. The reasons
that monocultures were  bad in 1995 are the exact  same reasons they
are bad today.

current widespread and  continued adoption of it will  bite Linux in
the proverbial ass. It's far too  complex to avoid major security or
ecosystem, the problems will only get worse.

[0]: gopher://sdf.org/0/users/sparcipx/phlog/February_2020/02-08-20
[1]: gopher://sdf.org/0/users/slugmax/phlog_archives/slack