viewing on and decided to do

Found at: republic.circumlunar.space:70/~slugmax/phlog/2019-12-10-fetching-articles-with-images-gopher

viewing on gopher, and I decided to  do the same for the EFF article
n my last phlog entry [1].

So I  have a local  copy of the  article and associated  images here
[2], and  you might be interested  in the process I  used.  First, I

elinks -dump -dump-charset us-ascii -no-numbering -no-references \
> behind-the-one-way-mirror.txt

Elinks nicely  formats the HTML  tables as text, something  lynx did
not do.

The images I collected with lynx, perl and wget:

lynx -dump -image_links \
egrep '(*jpg|*png)' | \
xargs wget

each image:

convert original.png -ordered-dither o8x8 result.png

That preserves the color, but you can get more size savings by
converting the image to grayscale.

convert original.png -colorspace gray -ordered-dither o8x8 result.png

You could get even more savings by scaling the image dimensions down -
now, and would load in a second or three even on a 28.8 dialup
connection. The convert command provides a '-scale' option for this.

Finally, I put the article text and images together in a directory,
and used the itemtype '1' to link to it. That nicely keeps things
together in the gopher client when you view it. The Overbite NX plugin
easily view the images via gopher without leaving your browser.

(I found these image conversion  commands while reading a phlog post

[0] gopher://ascendingcreations.com/1/shane
[1] https://www.eff.org/wp/behind-the-one-way-mirror
[2] gopher://republic.circumlunar.space/1/~slugmax/articles/eff-corporate-surveillance